Questions To Ask Before Hiring House Painter

Questions to Ask House Painters

Painting a business can be a costly endeavor. To avoid paying too much, consider these important questions to ask when commercial painting. Reputable painters, like the experts at Commercial Painting, Inc., welcome being interviewed before being hired. It is very important that these questions be asked because they will determine whether or not a particular contractor is the right one. It may be necessary after hearing their response, to keep searching. Conversely, a company may decide that they’ve found the right contractor. You will want to ask the following questions because they can potentially save your company a ton of money.
How Accurate is Your Painting Estimate?
Some contractors will give a low estimate hoping to secure the job but then add fees later on. This can significantly increase your final cost. It is important to try to avoid falling into this trap. You can decrease the likelihood of this by asking how accurate or firm the contractor’s estimate is. If they reply that it is not firm, keep looking. The better painting contractors give estimates that are firm and complete. They will include every aspect of the job in the estimate.
Do You Have a Set Schedule?
A contractor that plans on coming and going without a set schedule may not be the right choice for your company. A preferable one would arrive and leave at the same time every day. A set schedule also increases the likelihood that the job will be completed in a timely manner.
Is Your Company Bonded, Licensed and Insured?
Is your painting company insured? It is extremely important to work with a contractor that is bonded, licensed and insured. Being bonded and insured are perhaps the most important of the three. Being bonded means that the company has a monetary reserve that will take care of incidental and inadvertent damage or accidents. These monies will be given to the building owner right away, if necessary. They won’t have to wait for the insurance company to settle a claim. Companies that are insured will have an insurance policy which covers much of the same things.
The other question to ask is whether their liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies are current. If the answer is no, move on to the next painting contractor on your list. Although no one plans for accidents, they sometimes happen, and you want to make sure that both the painter in Portland and you are covered.
Will You Be Doing the Work or Will a Subcontractor?
Some contractors will hire subcontractors to paint. They won’t be doing it themselves. Some businesses will have a problem with this. If that is a concern, you may want to find a contractor who actually does the work themselves. Passing it on to someone else carries a certain amount of risks that some company’s aren’t willing to take.
Knowing which questions to ask when commercial painting can save your company money. If you are looking for Loveland painters, then consider asking these questions and pay attention to the answers you receive to choose the right contractor for your job.