Eggshell Latex


Interior Eggshell Latex

When thinking through which type of Latex paint is best it is helpful to think through where and how you want the paint to be used. Are you thinking about exterior or interior? Are you thinking about the kitchen or the bedroom? Answering these types of questions help you think through what type of latex paint you would like to use. For instance, if you are planning to paint the interior of our kitchen, then we would suggest an interior eggshell latex brand. This brand applies smoothly to your surface while allowing you the ability to clean off surfaces due to the eggshell type of paint.

101 LINE

  • A premium quality coating designed for previously painted or primed plaster, wallboard, masonry and wallpapered surfaces. Ideal for office buildings, hotel rooms and corridors, nursing homes and many other enclosed spaces



Use: Which paint is right for me?

Gloss: Eggshell

Type: Acrylic Latex

Clean Up: Soap and Water

If you are thinking about painting your home, then we would encourage you to work with some of our chosen paint professionals. If you are looking for Tulsa OK painters, then contact this professional painting company.

MSDS AP101 (Toned White); AP101-A (Pastel Base); AP101-B (Medium Base); AP101-C (Deep Base); AP101-D (Accent Base)